Our motorised blinds allow you the utmost convenience, tailor made to your requirements.

The automation and control of shading systems and window blinds is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable requirement.

Whether this is to link into your home automation system, home cinema or in a commercial premises we can positively impact on the reduction and control of energy consumption. At John Deegan we believe we can help you make the right decision. Working with partners who specialise in providing intelligent technology we can provide an all encompassing solutions package to your project. Our systems will integrate with KNX , Crestron or Lutron systems, using a unique piece of software.

If you’re thinking of getting motorised roller blinds installed in your home or business premises but are not sure of the real benefits, here’s a quick list to satisfy your curiosity.

The Convenience of Motorised Roller Blinds

You simply press a button and the blinds go up or down to your command. The top thing that our customers really like about their motorised roller blinds is the sheer convenience. And if you want to link into the latest AI technology then you can easily do so. We’re becoming used to everything being connected from our heating and sound systems to even hoovering the floor with a robot vacuum. Why should your blinds be any different?

The Safety Angle

Traditional roller blinds have cords that can present a danger to your kids and to pets if they get tangled up or hang down. One main reason that families go for motorised roller blinds is because of the safety aspect. There are no cords and you don’t have to worry whether everything is out the way.

Energy Saving

It might not be top of your list when you decide on choosing roller blinds but good quality ones can certainly improve your energy efficiency. Closing the blinds during the summer can help keep your home cool, while letting the sun shine in during the winter can add at least a few degrees to the indoor temperature – that means your central heating doesn’t have to work so hard to get up to the right level when you put it on. If you’re a business that wants better control over your energy usage, motorised blinds are certainly an option to consider.

Better Security

Motorised roller blinds can be linked up to smart tech so you can put them on a timer and open and close them at different times. We all know that when we go away for a while, it’s always good to simulate someone being at home. You can do that with turning lights on but you can also raise and lower your motorised blinds at different times. When it comes to security, every little helps.

Energy Reduction Simulation Report 

If you provide specific information about your building, we can produce a simulation report indicating the savings achievable in kilograms of carbon or kilowatts of power, by using a specific type of window blind system

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