We aim to provide you with window and lighting solutions which will save energy and save you money, creating a valuable investment for your property.

Here at John Deegan we firmly believe effective solar shading can make significant reductions to energy consumption both commercially, and at home. 

The desire to reduce our collective carbon footprint is a major driver of government and EEC initiative at present.  In the UK, 40% of all energy consumption is building related. Air conditioning and heating are the major contributors to the ever growing cost of gas and electricity bills, not to mention their impact on our environment. 

A growing amount of legislation concerning energy use in the built environment is also being passed, with growing emphasis being placed on the polluter to pay its costs. 

The recent changes in building regulations place these responsibilities on the designers of sustainable buildings, and call for them to approach Solar Shading as the first consideration in the provision of energy efficient projects. 

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