Blackout Motorised Blinds for Home Cinema Rooms

Home Cinema Rooms are increasingly popular and require blackout motorised blinds to provide complete darkness at the touch of a button. We can ensure optimum viewing conditions within the room whilst maintaining an attractive window dressing when open.

The most popular options are Blackout Roller Blinds for a high degree of light blockage and a discreet solution or for that full on Cinema experience a luxurious full blackout curtain and track hits the mark and can look amazing.

5 Reasons to invest in blackout blinds for your cinema room

  1. First, they help give your home cinema that real multiplex feel – you’re locked out from the rest of the world and all that’s in front of you is the viewing screen.
  2. They’re great at keeping the sound in and can help you control the acoustics. If you have a good surround system it should be improved by the right curtains or blinds for your cinema room.
  3. They really block out all the light from outside. This is not only important during the day, it can work as a big relief at night, especially if you have bright LED lights outside on the street.
  4. They keep the warmth in because they are thicker than normal curtains, that means you often don’t need to have the heating on full during the winter.
  5. You won’t get distracted from all that’s going on outside and can really focus on watching your film in peace and comfort.

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blackout blinds for cinema room

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